Eyebrow terraces are circular and stone-faced structures, applicable in steep and degraded hillsides and community closures (Farahani et al., 2016). Semi-circular bunds are half-circle shaped basins dug in the earth with earth bunds in the shape of a semi-circle with the bunds’ tip on the contour (Mati, 2006)

The objective of eyebrow terraces is to harvest moisture (Farahani et al., 2016). By harvesting moisture, eyebrow basins increase the soil’s moisture levels. Increased soil moisture levels decrease soil erosion, making eyebrow basins an important measure in maintaining the soil’s quality (Gedamu, 2020). Semi-circular bunds also harvest runoff and infiltrate this into the soil, increasing soil moisture and available water for crop uptake (Mati, 2006 ).

“Ten years ago, the moisture quickly evaporated, but now the moisture is conserved in the soil for a longer time and the dew can wet your feet in the morning”

– Farmer in the Raya valley, Tigray, Ethiopia 2016

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