Reel Gardening is a biodegradable seed tape that can be planted straight into the ground. The tape contains high quality, non-chemically treated seeds. The seeds are held within the tape at the correct depth and distance apart for the plant to grow. The illustrations on the seed tape provide easy to follow instructions. The tape also provides information on where the plant is germinating and growing. This makes it easy for the users to irrigate only the spots where plants are grown and not the entire surface, which reduces irrigation water up to 80%. Hence besides easing seeding, it facilitates better germination and directed water application.

Mechanized agriculture is the process of using agricultural machinery to mechanize the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm productivity. Mechanization covers all levels of farming and processing technologies, from simple and basic hand tools to more sophisticated and motorized equipment. It eases and reduces hard labour, relieves labour shortages, improves productivity and timeliness of agricultural operations, improves the efficient use of resources, enhances market access and contributes to mitigating climate related hazards. Without mechanized agriculture, farm operations are either partially done or sometimes completely neglected, resulting in low yield due to poor growth or untimely harvesting or both. There is a positive correlation between application of improved technologies and the land productivity.

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